Ryan Estep on Sunday-S

Ryan Estep on Sunday-S

Ryan Estep’s new series of paintings are shaped by the dualing constraints of mass and labor. Continuing from past material investigations (sterilized dirt and lidocaine) the “Scale” series displace the physical burden of a working body onto canvas.

Split into three acts (Scale/, Scale/Body, Scale/Action) each isolate the weight of process into three unique profiles firmly rooted in the history of painting.

The Scale/‘s borrow their silhouette from the rear door of a work van. The weight of materials which pass through the threshold were recorded and pressed into canvas using aluminum oxide grain. The primary component of sandpaper, aluminum oxide applies a pressured antagonism towards the material nature of paint which parallel a body’s struggle in motion.

While the silhouette remain constant within each act, the depth varies greatly. Each act focusing on a different expression of mass; Scale/Action sum the tool weight of a specified action while Scale/Body isolate the figure’s weight as it adapts to the stress of the other two acts.

Scale 5

Scale 6

Scale Action


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