Adrian Altintas At SundayS X

Adrian Altintas At SundayS #Sølvgade19

The Cut Outs

Adrian Altintas’ paintings are the results of an exploration of representational perspectives. He studies the role of painting in today’s world and deals with the question of which qualities of the medium can continue to exist in the times of digitalisation and how these qualities are still valid.

In his cut-out works, Altinas cuts holes and shapes into thick white panels and paints on their flesh.

These cuts dissolve depending on the perspective and merge into further surfaces and coloured areas, drawing attention to the wall and thereby opening up the boundaries of the painting gradually. Through this the supposed limitation of two-dimensional painting is unleashed and extended by the component of space.

The coloured hole reflects onto the wall, adding depth and dimension to the painting. In this very area of the cut, in which the painting and the wall are immediately in relation to each other, the white of the wall appears open in contrast to the white of the panel. This fragile in-between space is activated and exposed, and becomes the object of the work.

Adrian Altintas  (*1989) lives and works in Berlin.

Text by – Isabel Coldewey

Link to Q&A with Adrian Altintas at Copenhagen Contemporary


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