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Ulrich Wulff

Ulrich Wulff – Berlin – Studio April 2024 Nothing makes me happier than a good painting. This is why I paint. I start all of my pictures with an idea of the human appearance, because our body follows an inner logic that is both true and playful. This is what defines my placement of lines […]

laura killer studio munich

Laura Killer

Laura Killer My work starts with awareness. I become aware that a subject is bothering me, that I am already working on something. That’s a moment hard to grasp but wonderful at the same time: to be hit by something that needs your attention. A subject can appear in everyday objects, a heard sentence or […]

Jean Philippe Lagouarde October. 2023 Sundays Gallery


JEAN PHILIPPE LAGOUARDE In his compact Parisian studio, Jean-Philippe Lagouarde creates unique pieces of a highly unpredictable nature. The self-taught artist witnesses a tangible rhythm and constant evolution of reality through an ascetic process. Using a box cutter, he slices thousands of thin strips of dyed blotting paper and adheres them contiguously on a frame. […]

Brooklin Soumahoro on Sundays

Brooklin Soumahoro on Sundays BROOKLIN A. SOUMAHORO – ARTIST STATEMENT I am drawn to dualities and the interplay of oppositional forces. By stripping my work down to its most essential elements—line and color—I create artworks where contradictory ideas can coexist: stillness/chaos, violence/peace, time/timelessness, abstraction/figuration… In my paintings, Energy field, I use carefully planned structures as a […]

Bosco Sodi on SundayS

Bosco Sodi on SundayS   Monochromes and Monotheisms More than a painter, it might be better to call Bosco Sodi a sculptor of paint. He begins by stirring together a loamy mix of pigment, sawdust, glue and water. Once the concoction acquires the desired consistency, he scoops it up by the handful and lobs it […]

Adrian Altintas on SundayS

Adrian Altintas on SundayS – Artist Feature   The Cut Outs Adrian Altintas’ paintings are the results of an exploration of representational perspectives. He studies the role of painting in today’s world and deals with the question of which qualities of the medium can continue to exist in the times of digitalisation and how these […]

Gabrielė Adomaitytė On SundayS

Gabrielė Adomaitytė On SundayS My work responds to the informational and visual overload and circulation of imagery, especially in cyberspace. Through painting I take it to a much slower, analogue realm to magnify and clarify the details that we so often miss in the mass of digital consumption. I am investigating the condition that is […]

Richie Culver on SundayS

Richie Culver on SundayS Feature / Richie Culver I have never seen myself as a painter. It is something I try to distance myself from. My work is largely autobiographical, naturally this gives me plenty of space to manoeuvre, be it sculpture or mixed media works using images I have collected from my phone. The […]

Aribert Von Ostrowski On SundayS

Aribert Von Ostrowski On SundayS Photocopies of advertisements, newspaper pages and scientific illustrations have been a substantial part of Aribert von Ostrowski’s artistic material and medium since the late 1980s. They have often served as an iconographically associative background for his drawings or paintings, have covered sculptures, or were part of context-specific installations. Often the […]

Daniel Boccato on SundayS

Daniel Boccato on SundayS Daniel Boccato’s faceworks  series. Inaugurated in 2015, Boccato’s faceworks can be considered a peculiar interpretation to Donald Judd’s characterization of Specific Objects as entities that are neither paintings nor sculptures. Made of epoxy, fiberglass and polyurethane, Boccato’s faceworks are monochromatic reliefs, wall-mounted vertical topographies whose varying scale and formation accentuate a blown-up image of a […]

Simon Callery on SundayS

Simon Callery on SundayS I am a painter. In order to understand what painting can do today I have made works that exist on the margins of what can be understood as painting. I have written the word ‘invert’ on my studio wall. It reminds me, when I am working, that I must invert and […]

Martha Tuttle on SundayS

Martha Tuttle on SundayS – Artist Feature I like most the part of my practice in which I start to emotionally confuse a piece of cloth, an image of skin, and a landscape. By using conditions of visual simplicity alongside labor-intensive and bodily processes, I am interested in the engagement between my body’s matter and […]

Frank Moll on Sunday S

Frank Moll My work usually starts with looking for some kind of time-related concept. After all, I am really interested in topics that pertain to helping us structure our lives, more specifically how we manage day-to-day moments and measure time. Therefore, I started to work on the piece “Angenommen ich werde 50” (“Suppose I reach […]

Jaymerson Payton on SundayS

A Many “Firsts” for Jaymerson Payton Never mind that he doesn’t have a web page. Never mind there are about ten postings (at the time of this writing) when hash tagging his name on Instagram. However, do mind his very first solo show “The Pragmatic Protagonist”…and is catching the eyes of savvy art collectors. Meet […]

Marie Hazard on SundayS

Marie Hazard on SundayS The know-how in my opinion is first of all a savoir-être. I am a weaver. At 24, I weave the invisible threads of an intimate story that does not know how to say otherwise. Trained in textile handicraft training in London – Central Saint Martins – I acquired the weaving skills […]

Andre Butzer / N-Paintings

Andre Butzer – N-Paintings The N-paintings seem to lack “color” but the often thinly painted black and white forms are not monochromes. André Butzer is a colorist, “I will always be a colourist and nothing else” and the color choice of black and white is the result of the inclusion, or acceptance, of all existing […]

Nils Bleibtreu on Sunday-S

Nils Bleibtreu on Sunday-S Having grown up in the post-industrial Ruhr area, Nils has always taken his incentives from the assumedly wrong and broken. The imperfect and the flawed are central vantage points of his work. During his studies at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in Tal R’s class, he continued to search for a form of painting-oriented […]

Julia Selin on Sunday-S

Julia Selin on Sunday-S Julia Selin works with painting. She keeps the canvas flat on the floor, sitting, standing and walking upon it while working. This approach opens up for the unexpected, like a shoe print, or a mark made by a hand or knee on the ”wrong” spot. These missteps move the work forward […]

Josef Zekoff on SundayS

Josef Zekoff on Sunday-S “The Souvlaki-specialist and Greece-connaiseur Mr Zekoff has begun to exist as a philosophical painter and overall craftsman serving Eros and Aletheia already since a long, almost historical time. His works made out of magic and dark reflection are testimonies of truth, brain and beauty. He has been in love with mankind […]

Ethan Cook on SundayS

Ethan Cook  – On Sunday-S One really can’t have a clear sense of the project without understanding the material processes involved. First, using a four-harness floor loom, Cook manually fashions pre-dyed cotton and linen fibers into a plain weave, the same simple, overlapping pattern used to produce traditional artist’s canvases. Almost like a drawing, a […]

Wolfgang Voegele on Sunday-S

Wolfgang Voegele on SundayS Wolfgang Voegele’s work shows a process from concept to intuition – always focussing the painting itself. Drawing on the very beginning of painting and art, Voegele creates an own vocabulary by using archaic and simplistic forms and lines. These compositions are based on a computer-generated sketch, which then are applied to […]

Otis Jones on SundayS

Otis Jones on Sunday-S Otis Jones’ works contain an ineffable quality allowing the viewer to focus on their essence. His abstract, circular wall pieces are provocative and engaging without leading the viewer by the hand. Jones liberates his audience by leaving them to consider the formal elements of color, scale and composition to achieve a […]

Albert Grøndahl on SundayS

Albert Grøndahl on SundayS Danish artist Albert Grondahl works with photography, departing from traditional documentarism in his focus on the relationship between the photographer and his subject. His main concern is the interaction with a given social context. In his work, the artist invests himself as he goes along, allowing for an exchange between personal narratives […]

Daniel Levine on Sunday-S

Daniel Levine on Sunday-S Since 1990 Levine has created monochrome paintings. By slowly building up layers of paint, he exploits difference: for each work the canvas is often a slightly different color, tone, or weave; it may be stretched at different depths, creating thinner or thicker profiles; the shapes are almost but not quite square; […]

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