Ulrich Wulff

Ulrich Wulff – Berlin – Studio April 2024

Nothing makes me happier than a good painting.
This is why I paint.

I start all of my pictures with an idea of the human appearance, because our body follows an inner logic that is both true and playful. This is what defines my placement of lines and planes.
I can extract and emphasize parts that I am interested in, or I can multiply them to create repetitive new structures. The planes and lineages thus bring into life a very personal and simultaneously universal field of painterly possibilities.
And this field is what it is about for me essentially.

Ulrich Wulff Studio Berlin 2024

I came to use a ruler to create the lines in recent years.
It felt like cheating in the beginning, with a growing tendency towards the lusty quality of following one’s instinct instead of hiding behind the seemingly safe walls of insensitive dressage.

Bending the rule of not using a ruler by using a ruler.
And I use the ruler as an expressive tool, the lines evolving from this are dynamic and full of life and tenderness.

This is truly very liberating for me.
It is like a somersault through space and time, figure and foundation, lines and fields, through alleged ownership and radiant being.

Ulrich Wulff (Spring 2024)


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