Julia Selin on Sunday-S

Julia Selin on Sunday-S

Julia Selin works with painting. She keeps the canvas flat on the floor, sitting, standing and walking upon it while working. This approach opens up for the unexpected, like a shoe print, or a mark made by a hand or knee on the ”wrong” spot. These missteps move the work forward as Selin integrates the incidents into her process. She describes it as a collaboration between herself and her mistakes. The fatty and gel-like paint is always kept transparent, white is never used. Instead, she lets the white primer of the canvas glow through in order to achieve light. 

The motifs oscillate between figuration and abstraction. Her main interest lies in how to add paint. Forms and images dissolve and create new formations in a slow decay with the definite end in a compact darkness. Selin enhances the bodily presence by letting smudgy brush strokes meet aggressive gestures, which expose the canvas and let light flow through. The motifs together with the distinct physicality of the oil paint, that which smells, flows and stops, create a collision of impressions – an analogy of the senses. 

Julia Selin was born in Trollhättan 1986, lives and works in Malmö. She graduated from Umeå Art Academy 2013. For the past year, she has exhibited at the Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, Gallery Wallner and Gallery Ping-Pong in Malmö. In 2017 she exhibited at Galeri Flach in Stockholm and Ystad Art Museum. She will attend in a groupshow at Sunday-s Gallery in Copenhagen. She has also received Ellen Trozig’s grant from the Malmö Art Museum and Jenny Linds travel grant from the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts 2016.

– Stina Malmqvist

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