Josef Zekoff on SundayS

Josef Zekoff on Sunday-S

“The Souvlaki-specialist and Greece-connaiseur Mr Zekoff has begun to exist as a philosophical painter and overall craftsman serving Eros and Aletheia already since a long, almost historical time.
His works made out of magic and dark reflection are testimonies of truth, brain and beauty. He has been in love with mankind through his sharpened pencils that penetrate papyrus and paper in a most tender and hyper-classical way. His expression is beyond style: there is a tragic and most abstract refinement of the most possible potentiality in life and death, included as a permanent bonus and deluxe-version of a forthcoming 22nd-century visualisation of hope and optimism.”
Dr. Steffen Krüger – Rangsdorf, 11.5.2017

Josef Zekoff will participate in the Group Show opening June 9 > Selvskabt Modvind


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