“Selvskabt Modvind” Curated by Andre Butzer

“Selvskabt Modvind”


Group Exhibition Curated by Andre Butzer – June 9 – July 2 – 2017

Friedens-Siemense Co. / Andre Butzer together with Peter Ibsen presents:

“For this adventurous group show, Mr André Butzer, an unknown German expressionist painter, has asked his friend Mr Peter Ibsen to let some selfmade headwind (Selvskabt Modvind) blow peacefully through this very beautiful and white exhibition space in the centre of the mighty town of Copenhagen.

Several artists from the current Malmö avantgarde scene have also joined this experience and will bring in some unforeseen pictorial experiments and many conceptual elements of painting and passion. This might be the first autonomous and anarchistic European summit of young and middle-old fine art since the early forties of the last and very sad century.

What is image-making? What is virtuality? What is genealogy? What is the history of now? What is beauty? What´s the visible beauty in mankind? These and more questions will come up to be answered in this spacy chill-out zone called art exhibition.

This might be a post-Zen strategy, but the truth is, there is no strategy involved here. We all go for the risk of it and Mr Ibsen is carrying this risk in his hip-hop style ruck-sack with him and he is helping us to continue the overall rap in visual art. Some 22nd century tastes will pop up here and there, maybe on the west wall of the space or on the south wall.” – Steffen Krüger, Rangsdorf/Germany

Selvskabt Modvind Friedens-Siemense Co. together with Peter Ibsen presents:

Marcel Hueppauff, Thomas Winkler, Maja Körner, Günther Förg, André Talborn, David Klasson, Sarah Bogner, André Butzer, Josef Zekoff, Stina Malmqvist, Thomas Arnolds, Philipp Schwalb, Aneta Corovic,
Albert Oehlen, Tamina Amadyar, Christian Eisenberger, Ludvig Helin, Samuel M. Andersson, Benjamin Andersson, Fabian Tholin, Julia Selin


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