Daniel Levine on Sunday-S

Daniel Levine on Sunday-S

Since 1990 Levine has created monochrome paintings. By slowly building up layers of paint, he exploits difference: for each work the canvas is often a slightly different color, tone, or weave; it may be stretched at different depths, creating thinner or thicker profiles; the shapes are almost but not quite square; and thin borders amplify the paintings’ varying surfaces. The process, which can take several years, is documented on the back, creating a kind of diary for each work’s growth.

Levine has written … “[monochrome painting is] a severe program, which on a bad day can seem myopic, self-righteous and beyond reproach, but on a good day reminds me of Tuesday Weld at her best: cold, controlled, an ethereal and sexy beauty on the surface, but with an obsessive, tragic and gap-toothed core, slightly uncomfortable with and misunderstood by the world, somewhat tangential to popular culture, and absolutely not boring.”Daniel Levine install Daniel Levine install daniel-levine5 Pepper – Version 2 Thalia – Version 2  Untitled #1 2014-2015Untitled #1 2014-2015Link to artist page – Daniel Levine

Link to Q&A with Daniel Levine

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