Koen Delaere on Sunday-S

Koen Delaere on Sunday-S

Koen Delaeres approach to painting comes within reach of the performative moment of music. As in musical productions, it is in his works that one perceives a “live” performance. A spontaneity that is reflected throughout a concert. There is a randomness, an improvisation and a controlled chaos. We find traces of these elements in his paintings, as well as the freshness of a live performance. His works live on an extension of the present.

If on one part a dimension of speed and freshness is perceived, on the other we find a relationship between layers that recalls the ancient frescoes that over centuries have lost its layers to make way for others. Behind this informality, a profoundness of time is created. Behind the layers of paint lie other situations of color and other rationale that are at the base of his works. Delaere destroys to create other shapes. This precise notion to destroy in order to create gives a sense of historical depth. A situation in which to compare the minimalist works and geometry of Schoonhoven and Mondriaan with current pop art in Curacao or Los Angeles. In this way the artist manages to evoke forms of nature and colors of the contemporary metropolis in its chromatic explosions.


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