Gabrielė Adomaitytė On SundayS

Gabrielė Adomaitytė On SundayS

My work responds to the informational and visual overload and circulation of imagery, especially in cyberspace. Through painting I take it to a much slower, analogue realm to magnify and clarify the details that we so often miss in the mass of digital consumption. I am investigating the condition that is the shift in perception of images as they become a pure sign-exchange.

An image works merely as a communication unit and it is very distinct to verbal interpretation. The methods I use for collecting source material create a great foundation for two-dimensional works – I use records, documents, material artefacts to explore different personal archives and collections.

That requires field work and anthropological methods of data collection and challenges to find meaning in the vast visual world’s complexity. My works are being made collaging photography, printing, using classical oil painting techniques and industrial paint spraygun.

I am interested in creating a complex representation of the material human knowledge dissolving into the digital and how this notion of the physical archive is or is not open to representation.

Through collaging digital and physical matter together, I am emphasising the culture of snippets, clicks, bits, glitches, screenshots, numbers of opened windows, various screens, perception of scale and matter and it’s contradictions.

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