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Koen Delaere on Sunday-S

Koen Delaere on Sunday-S Koen Delaeres approach to painting comes within reach of the performative moment of music. As in musical productions, it is in his works that one perceives a “live” performance. A spontaneity that is reflected throughout a concert. There is a randomness, an improvisation and a controlled chaos. We find traces of […]

Manor Grunewald on Sunday-S

Manor Grunewald on Sunday-S Manor Grunewald focuses on the process of transforming images, whereby the printing process itself, as well as the results achieved with various printing techniques, plays a special role within his compositions, in which order and chaos, the creating, breaking, interrupting and dissolving of structures, are all key elements. With his most […]

Augustus Nazzaro on Sunday-S

Augustus Nazzaro on Sunday-S Augustus´s monochromatic paintings explore the ideas behind various forms of image making and the power to define the time in which we live in. Through the use of various media sources, the work represents our need to uncover and better understand reality as it is defined by images. Ranging from fringe revolutionary […]

Ryan Wallace on Sunday-S

Ryan Wallace on Sunday-S Like a patient gardener, Ryan Wallace cyclically tends, gleans, and prunes his work as former efforts become a soil that cultivates the new. His projects are sustained through continuous cycles of creation, destruction, flattening, and rebuilding. In paintings constructed from strips of canvas, screens, tiles, metallic tapes and errant found objects, […]

Ivan Pérard on Sunday-S

Ivan Pérard on Sunday-S The future is present in the works of Ivan Pérard. Time seems to reverse as the works reveal themselves as archaeological artefacts from a forthcoming era. Floating a few inches off the wall his reliefs – seemingly aerodynamic shapes, cuts and curves constitute the shape of the objects – exist in […]

Jana Schröder on Sunday-S

Jana Schröder on Sunday-S Jana Schröder uses copying ink pencils and oil paint on primed canvas in a manner not dissimilar to doodles or handwritten notes jotted down in a hurry. Here, the seemingly loose and fleeting lines take on elements of fictional diagrams, system of ordering phenomena, information and events, so to speak, which […]

Graham Collins on Sunday-S

Graham Collins on Sunday-S Graham Collins’ varied work blends painting, architecture and sculpture into a contradictory amalgam of ruin and stability. Canvases of spray painted monochrome hues are partially obscured behind a scrim of tinted glass and encased in frames made with salvaged wood. The tinted monochromes combine the artist’s appreciation of normative craft forms, specifically […]

Colin Penno on Sunday-S

Colin Penno on Sunday-S With his current series, Colin Penno presents a visually heterogeneous body of work based on a steered process of creation that partly leads to aleatory results. Often developing his pictures with the help of various printing techniques (e.g. silkscreen and wood printing), he creates complex pictorial fragments (sections of canvas), which […]

Baptiste Caccia on Sunday-S

Baptiste Caccia on Sunday-S The work of Baptiste Caccia is a seemingly infinite game reproducing the similar differently; a systematic and mechanical reproduction of the image through which the gesture of the painter merges with the printing tools. Artist as artisan, artisan as artist, Baptiste uses the brush as a mechanical tool and the silkscreen […]

Joseph Hart on Sunday-S

Joseph Hart on Sunday-S Joseph Hart’s work is a collision of choreographed and happenstance mark-making, ferocious editing and reinvention. Utilizing the tenets of drawing and painting, Hart’s process is structured around cursory gestures: errant dashes, ticks, scrawls, swoops and zigzags. This set of preliminary and exploratory maneuvers are then built upon, reconfigured or impulsively edited out […]

Samuel Levi Jones on Sunday-S

Samuel Levi Jones on Sunday-S Samuel Levi Jones. Jones addresses the authority and antiquated position that encyclopedic and institutional books and volumes have held as a source of information throughout history. This material, that once held definitive authorship on history, is manipulated through modes of sculpture, collage and painting to re-examine history itself and draw […]

Luke Diiorio on Sunday-S

Luke Diiorio on Sunday-S Discussing the process behind his work, Luke Diiorio explains ‘my paintings consist of folding the canvas into pleats where the fabric is bent, tucked underneath itself and finally extended out again to reveal the subsequent segment. The result allows for a lack of formal distinction between line and fold, surface and […]

Chris Dorland on Sunday-S

Chris Dorland on Sunday-S Chris Dorland’s work is an investigation into the mechanics of consumer society. His new body of work shifts the focus away from the representational syntax of advertising and examines the information delivery process itself – the trillions of megabytes of compressed data that transfers from device to device as it flows, virus […]

Kadar Brock on Sunday-S

Kadar Brock on Sunday-S Kadar Brock makes abstract paintings and works on paper that explore history, personal psychology, but mostly materials and surface. He takes his old, bright, “failed” paintings and hides them beneath layers and layers of paint, only to abuse them and sand them with a belt sander until the old shape of […]

Ayan Farah on Sunday-S

Ayan Farah on Sunday-S Everyone knows what a painting is: paint, pigment or colour applied to a surface. But in Ayan Farah’s hands a painting is much more than just that. In her work that surface often reacts to and records its exposure to light or it might involve a series of fabrics stitched together […]

Piotr Lakomy on Sunday-S

Piotr Lakomy on Sunday-S In his art Piotr Łakomy uses objects and materials in common use, by melting them into modest makeshift memorials of the present. Recent projects are mainly objects of light in rotary (clock-wise) motion, working in a rhythmic cycle. The artist reveals the forms and materials as worn out, exhausted and past, […]

Daniel Davies on Sunday-S

Daniel Davies on Sunday-S Daniel Davies (b. 1992, Blackpool, England) Studied Fine Art at Northumbria University, Newcastle. Davies uses images from his surroundings giving them a new physical presence. He combines digital and hand processes, printmaking and painting, transferring ink from his digitally printed photographs of found textures and patterns via emulsion applied with a brush. Layering […]

Henning Strassburger on Sunday-S

Henning Strassburger at Sunday-S Henning studied fine arts at the UdK Berlin and later at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. His paitings reveal their own characteristic. They show mainly immaterial themes, which are created with vibrant colors and rambling gestures. Henning finds inspiration in the flood of images, which comes across in his daily life. Especially magazines […]

Matthew Feyld on Sunday-S

Matthew Feyld on Sunday-S The foundation of Feyld’s work is the exchange between the physical, material, and more ambiguous aspects of the perception in painting. His recent paintings typically have upwards of 20-30 layers of paint and pigmented medium. Each layer is added and sometimes sanded, until the weave of the cotton canvas, or grain […]

Joshua Evan on Sunday-S

Joshua Evan on Sunday-S Digital representation has become the primary source of image consumption. The line separating painting from JPEG is becoming invisible. This body of work explores and illustrates new technologies that influence the painterly processes of today while also reflects the idea that reproductions, manufacturing and proliferation of images and media are shaping our […]

Linnéa Sjöberg on Sunday-S

Linnéa Sjöberg on Sunday-S Linnea Sjöberg’s weavings – just like her parchment works – mess up the borders between the inside and outside, high and low, art and life, male and female. Her incisions penetrate the skin and her fierce engravings leave burnt scars on and in the body. Her threads are entangled inseparably in […]

Israel Lund on Sunday-S

Israel Lund on Sunday-S The materials Lund uses to create his images inspired by silk-screens are ink, palette knives and canvases on which he experiments with the lack of complete control. In the context of today’s technological era, his pictorial process is a fascinating combination of digital and analog techniques. Starting from the use of […]

Luca Vitone on Sunday-S

Luca Vitone on Sunday-S His “monochromies” are conceptual self-portraits of the places in which they originated. The artist exposes untreated canvases to local conditions, until the effects of weather or pollution have left their marks, in order to then present them,stretched and framed as minimalistic, monochrome paintings, in the exhibition space. For Imperium, his solo exhibition […]

Madeleine Boschan on Sunday-S

Madeleine Boschan on Sunday-S Architecture is more than the practical aspiration of man to get a roof over his head. This is too often forgotten. If it is taken seriously, architecture has an extremely important task: to think about how we can live better. In other words, architecture is inherently utopian. Madeleine Boschan’s latest works […]

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