Israel Lund on Sunday-S

Israel Lund on Sunday-S

The materials Lund uses to create his images inspired by silk-screens are ink, palette knives and canvases on which he experiments with the lack of complete control.

In the context of today’s technological era, his pictorial process is a fascinating combination of digital and analog techniques. Starting from the use of photocopies, photographs and PDFs scanned using smartphone apps, the path leading to completion of the work then undergoes changes, becoming physical and tactile. The artist’s body and the power he generates become essential elements for the unexpected outcome of his works.

Lund conceived of a silk-screen process on coarse canvas, where the artist manipulates the visual outcomes of acrylic paint on canvas by pressing the palette knife onto the support. The result is abstract and pixelated images with an effect resembling that of enlarging a picture so much that the figure explodes. What emerge in his works are patterns and fields with ever-changing effects; the formal structure of the canvases and their position in space immediately take up a dialogue with the Minimalism of the Sixties, and the idea of the modularity and scalability.

2.israel-lund-baco-base-arte-contemporanea-2016Israel Lund
Israel Lund installation views at BACO Base Arte Contemporanea, Bergamo, 2016 Courtesy: the artist and David Lewis, New York. Photo: Maria Ranchi.

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