Madeleine Boschan on Sunday-S

Madeleine Boschan on Sunday-S

Architecture is more than the practical aspiration of man to get a roof over his head. This is too often forgotten. If it is taken seriously, architecture has an extremely important task: to think about how we can live better. In other words, architecture is inherently utopian.

Madeleine Boschan’s latest works subtly deal precisely with these utopian claims. Her seemingly architectural sculptures create a space thatisin a manner both conscious and elegant, and deeply rooted in the history of Western civilisation, giving wings to thoughts, and perhaps even to the body that moves around them.

The relationship between space and body and the implications arising from it are the determining constants in Boschan’s work. She took the starting point for her ideas for the exhibition, in which its gaze, bent merely on itself, upholds and gleams, from, above all, such epochs and places in which architecture attempted to constructively bring form, function and body together. This also means achieving a genuinely human form of construction rather than one copied from nature. Structural clarity, symmetry, sharp edges and flat surfaces – all are attempts to overcome the confusing mechanisms of nature. This steady development can be traced from the Ancient Greeks, through the Enlightenment to Modernism, the Bauhaus and Brutalism. At the same time, there are defiant attempts in Boschan’s fictive and functionless artefacts to retain the utopian ideas that are contained in the architectural strategies she references.

by Hendrik Lakeberg

Madeleine Boschan Madeleine Boschan

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