Henning Strassburger on Sunday-S

Henning Strassburger at Sunday-S

Henning studied fine arts at the UdK Berlin and later at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. His paitings reveal their own characteristic. They show mainly immaterial themes, which are created with vibrant colors and rambling gestures. Henning finds inspiration in the flood of images, which comes across in his daily life. Especially magazines for teenagers and music videos awake Henning’s attention with their bright colors and often meaningless messages.  Also the title is of great importance in Strassburger’s art, since painting is an analytic process and not only takes place on the canvas.

Henning Strassburger Henning Strassburger Henning Strassburger

Henning Strassburger – Bleaching is Teaching – May 29 – August 7, 2016 –

Link to Kunstverein Reutlingen

all works: courtesy of Sies + Höke Düsseldorf, BolteLang Zurich, Soy Capitan Berlin – photograph: Kunstverein Reutlingen


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