Luke Diiorio on Sunday-S

Luke Diiorio on Sunday-S

Discussing the process behind his work, Luke Diiorio explains ‘my paintings consist of folding the canvas into pleats where the fabric is bent, tucked underneath itself and finally extended out again to reveal the subsequent segment. The result allows for a lack of formal distinction between line and fold, surface and image; the line becomes real.

In this sense, the painting does not operate under modes of conventional abstract imagery, but rather the image is a result of perceiving what is actual, what is physical. With the line established in this way, repetition becomes a useful device in creating meaning and context. Canvas and linen reject their historically traditional function, as their raw presence contributes to the painting’s image. Ground is both medium and subject, but form and composition still emerge.’

Luke Diiorio Luke Diiorio Luke Diiorio

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