Rørvig Contemporary – Jaymerson Payton – 2020

Rørvig Contemporary – Jaymerson Payton – 2020

“The Warmth of Entirety’s Breath” – An Exhibition By Jaymerson Payton 

     Somehow planted in this time of existence I have fallen in sync with its motions. Moving along unfazed. We are all given a gift. It is unfortunate that the common man will never come to realize what that is for himself. As for me, I believe it sits outside of my front door. It knocks with uncertainty. The hesitation makes me weary. I cannot bring myself to allow it in. It has been there some time now. I imagine it it must be tired.

This collection of artworks are derived from a moment of question that exists within us all. A temporary experience in which traditional painting materials are utilized to develop a moment of conversation of “what could be?”. Eternity is ambiguous. It takes no final form but continues to expand as time moves forward. It embraces all of us in its arms to nurture us through our journey within this universe.

     These works look to expand on the abstracted visual language of paintings created by historical artists like Jackson Pollock, Sam Gilliam, and Franz Kline along with many others. Here in the 21st century abstract expressionism moves forward in a similar notion to its roots but is now intermixed with contemporaneous ideation. Creating images with the entire body present to ground the audiences relation to the objects in the essence of real time. 

I stood out on the porch for 3 hours today

I wanted to feel the wind

Smell the air

I noticed rain clouds pouring down new showers across the horizon

It hasn’t reached the porch yet

But it’s coming. 

Eternity is an entity that exists past what we can imagine. One second unfurls to 60 seconds creating a minute which will supersede an entire lifetime. Though we are aware of this phenomenon we are oblivious to it’s force on our existence. In this exhibition an audience will enter with questions while carrying a sense of anticipation to have a discovery echoed back onto them. For some this will prove true. In others those questions may linger for an eternity.

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