Rørvig Contemporary Virtual Show 2020

Rørvig Contemporary Virtual Show 2020

New virtual show in Rørvig curated and “installed” by @evanpaultrine @rorvig_contemporary

This group show is the latest version of a project that I’ve been working on since March, where I am curating and rendering virtual shows into existence. The first was a group show titled “Dream Show” at Roberts Projects in Los Angeles. Followed by a solo show of my own work at Sunday-S Gallery, a pop-up show in Peter’s new home, and now a group show in Rørvig.

It’s such a beautiful little gallery – a combination of the classic “white cube” mixed with some more natural elements. The walls aren’t quite as pristine, the floor is half cement/half brick with bits of gravel, and there are exposed wooden beams on the ceiling. I used this imagery to put together the group of artists for this show – artists that each create vaguely geometric abstractions, all with their unique hand, and with a wide variety of sources and materials. Whether canvas, wood, cardboard, or paper, each work is a perfect balance of rigid shapes and organic touches.

Artists included

robert moreland – @robert_william_moreland #robertwilliammoreland
karri paul – @karripaul #karripaul
julian hoeber – @julianhoeber #julianhoeber
johnny abrahams – @johnnyabrahams #johnnyabrahams
vanha lam – @vanhalam #vanhalam
Evan trine – #evantrine @evanpaultrine


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