Somewhere in Copenhagen – Virtual Only Show

Somewhere in Copenhagen

Virtual Only Show “quadrilaterals”

By Evan Trine:

The quadrilateral is my favorite shape. It’s everywhere. Walls. Buildings. Televisions. Bricks. Doors. Pictures. The pixel – the building block of every single digital image we encounter. Squares. Grids. Colors. All come together to inform our visual lives more than any other thing.
What better shape to focus on in a new virtual show? A show that doesn’t exist in real life. A show that only can be experienced through images. Rectangular images. On our rectangular screens. I made this show on my computer, which is a rectangle.
I used the keyboard, each key being a small square. I’m sharing it on my phone, which is a rectangle. And every image that I share is made up of millions of smaller images – single color pixels. Squares. This has been the basis of my personal work for years, but many artists have also spent their careers utilizing the quadrilateral to create work.
I chose specific works from Colt Seager, Amy Kim Keeler, and Nicholas Szymanski, who all use their mediums in different ways to showcase squares and rectangles. I think familiarity overshadows the strength and dominance of this shape – it is involved in almost every art form. It is both beautifully simple and amazingly complex. And what’s maybe most important – it is unavoidable. Even the most expressionist abstract painters – guess what shape their canvas is? 

Artists included: 

colt seager – @coltseager #coltseager

evan Trine – @evanpaultrine #evantrine

amy kim keeler – @amykimkeeler #amykimkeeler

nicholas szymanski – @nicholas.szymanski #nicholasszymanski

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