Bosco Sodi – Johnny Abrahams – Duo Show 2021

Bosco Sodi – Johnny Abrahams – Duo Show 2021

Duo Show at Sundays Gallery in Copenhagen with Bosco Sodi & Johnny Abrahams. Opening Friday March 12th. 2021 – 2-6 PM. By appointment.


More than a painter, it might be better to call Bosco Sodi a sculptor of paint. He begins by stirring together a loamy mix of pigment, sawdust, glue and water. Once the concoction acquires the desired consistency, he scoops it up by the handful and lobs it onto the canvas, creating strata upon strata of sediment. After hours of exertion, he steps back, leaving these creations to cure – sometimes for months on end – as their surfaces shift and settle along unpredictable fault lines.

Bosco Sodi – BIO | Artist Page

London-based artist Johnny Abrahams. In his series of abstract paintings,
Abrahams continues to meld Minimalism with an Op-Art sensibility in a subtle, slow and meditative manner. In this show black and white, Johnny Abrahams combines oil and acrylic paint with void spaces of raw linen and burlap in a dramatic way.  

Johnny Abrahams – BIO | Artist Page



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