Jean-Philippe Lagouarde – Solo Show Copenhagen

Jean-Philippe Lagouarde – Solo Show Copenhagen – June 2024


In Situation.

Interaction is at the heart of Jean Philippe Lagouarde’s artistic process, an ongoing dialogue with his environment that initially drove him to create.

Drawing inspiration from American sociologist Erving Goffman’s emphasis on the phenomenon of interaction, Lagouarde’s works speak to what the Chicago School researcher defined as “mood,” the fundamental affective aspect of social situations. Through his art, he sparks inspiration and a profound desire to connect and actively engage with the world.

Each piece in the exhibition weaves a narrative inspired by Lagouarde’s travels over the last few years, capturing moments where he consciously or unconsciously paused to absorb his surroundings, collecting memories and impressions along the way. This collected material may be poetic narratives about a place shared by locals or drawn from various in-situ elements such as flora, minerals, or remnants left by human activity.

It becomes evident here that each piece is a testament
to the ephemeral nature of encounters and interactions. Through his work, Lagouarde captures the essence of transience, urging viewers to embrace the richness of the present. In his artistic journey, we find a universal truth—a celebration of the fleeting yet profound connections that shape our lives.

This exhibition serves as a reminder of the transformative power of chance encounters that can never be replicated. Lagouarde’s pieces invite us to immerse ourselves in the now, and maintain a dialogue with the outside world. “Moments happen only once. That’s their essence: fragile yet powerful,” he adds.

Fiona Le Brun



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