Otis Jones – Johnny Abrahams – Duo Show – July 2021

Otis Jones – Johnny Abrahams – Duo Show July 2021


Otis Jones

Otis Jones’ works contain an ineffable quality allowing the viewer to focus on their essence. His abstract, circular wall pieces are provocative and engaging without leading the viewer by the hand. Jones liberates his audience by leaving them to consider the formal elements of color, scale and composition to achieve a personal and emotional response, shying away from attaching too much meaning to his work himself.

Johnny Abrahams

In his series of abstract paintings, Abrahams continues to meld Minimalism with an Op-Art sensibility in a subtle, slow and meditative manner. In this Duo show, Johnny Abrahams combines oil and acrylic paint with void spaces of raw linen and burlap in a dramatic way.



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