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Albert Grøndahl

“The Long Vacation or The Mystery of the Crates”


Danish artist Albert Grondahl works with photography, departing from traditional documentarism in his focus on the relationship between the photographer and his subject.

His main concern is the interaction with a given social context. In his work, the artist invests himself as he goes along, allowing for an exchange between personal narratives and cultural references different from his own.

The exhibition assembles various and disparate exotic motifs in the course of a fictitious journey where the anthropological stance gives way to existential sensitivity.

In the process, Albert Grondahl has abandoned ordinary printing techniques in favour of other ways to communicate recorded impressions such as the combination of emulsion on silver and gold; a return to the original chemistry of analog photography.

The physical characteristics of these pieces allow for a dynamic interplay between references and texture, turning each plate into a unique, non-reproducable surface. The uniqueness of each work may thus hint at the singularity of the original, captured moment as well as the fleeting spontaneity of the interpretative gesture.

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Albert Grøndahl Install Sunday_S Gallery 9


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